Head of Unit

Mohammed Osman Hussien Tahir

Microbiology department consists of three units: Immunology Unit, Bacteriology Unit and Parasitology Unit.

  • To make a competent staff in all area of microbiology by providing suitable good training.
  • To rise as center of excellence, information and knowledge in all fields of microbiology.
  • The department offers services to hospitals, universities and factories related to the field of microbiology
Name Degree Email
Ahmed Elrayah Yousif Hussein BSc Ahmed@cenlab.edu.sd
Sanna Yousif Elneama MSc Sanna@cenlab.edu.sd
Mervet Abdella Mohammed MSc Mervet@cenlab.edu.sd
Runda Eltayeb Abdelgadir MSc Runda@cenlab.edu.sd
Maha Abdalla Rakaz MSc Maha@cenlab.edu.sd
Zolfagar Ramadan MSc Zolfagar@cenlab.edu.sd