Department of Analytical Chemistry

Badawi Ahmed Badawi

1-Suzan Zein ALabdeen Makawi1, Mohammed. I. Taha1, Badawi Ahmed Zakaria, Babeker Siddig, Hazeim Mahmod , Abedel Rahim M.Elhussein and Elrasheed A. Gad kariem , Identification and Quantification of 5-Hydroxymethyl Furfural HMF in Some Sugar- Containing Food Products by HPLC, Pakistan Journal of Nutrition 8 (9):1391- 1396, 2009. 

2- Mei Mosa Ali, Mawahib Eisa Mohmmed, , Mohmed Edrees, Badawi Ahmed Zakari and Abdalla Elbashir, Determination of caffeine in some Sudanese beverages by High performance liquid Chromatography .Pakistan Journal of Nutrition 11(4):336-342,2012. 

3- Badawi A. Zakari and Eisa I. El Gaali. Physiochemical and Fatty Acids Profile of Oil Extracted from the kernel Zizyphus spina-christi L(Wild).Sudan Academy of Science Journal,No 13: 9-15.2018.

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